18 Panel(460Wp) 7.2KWE Off-Grid(48V) Solar Package

With this system, which is very practical to install, you can operate your electronic devices such as laptop, television, mini fridge washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner, as well as meet your lighting and phone charging needs.


How Much Does Which Device Work With This Package?

  •  Refrigerator (Mini 1 x Mini 1 x A++ Energy Class 24 Hours)
  •  Washing Machine (1 Piece A Energy Class 6 Hours a Day at 30°C)
  •  Dishwasher (1 Piece A Energy Class 6 Hours a Day in Economy Mode)
  •  Laptop (16 Hours Excluding Peripherals)
  •  Television (2 Pieces 120 Screen LDC LED 16 Hours)
  •  5W DC Lamp and 11W Saving Lamp (LED Lamp 8 Pieces 8 Hours, Saving Lamp 16 Pieces 8 Hours)
  •  Vacuum Cleaner (1 Piece 90 min)
  •  Mobile Phone Charger / Toy Charger / MP3, Radio Player Charge (8 for Unlimited Time)

Note: The above-mentioned usage times and production values ​​are calculated over Turkey's average sunshine duration (4 hours per day). Produced energy and consumption times may vary according to weather conditions and regions.

Used Panel Area (m2)
Energy Storage Capacity
Used Lithium Battery (V/Ah)
6 x 48v 50 AH
Solar Module Used (Number)
TT460WP X 18
Package Code
System Voltage (Volts)
Average Energy Produced Daily (Wp)
Inverter Capacity (W)

Product Description Quantity Unit
TommaTech 460Wp 144PM Half-Cut MB Solar Panel 18 Piece
TommaTech M Plus 7.2K 48V MPPT 1 Phase Intelligent Inverter     1 Piece
TommaTech 48V 50AH LiFePO4 Modular Lithium Battery 6 Piece
Modular Battery-Inverter Power Cable 1 Piece
TommaTech Modular Battery Hanger Set 6 Piece
SMC4-MC4 Female-Male Connection Connector Set 4 Piece
DC Black 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 50 Piece
DC Red 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 50 Piece