Different projects in different locations require different specifications. Please refer to the individual technical datasheets as well as the further information given on their webpages to make the best choice.

To choose the right inverter, you need to decide the followings:

a. Is the solution On-Grid or Off-Grid?
b. What is the total load to be powered?
c. Can I sell electricity to the grid?
d. Do you require an energy storage as backup?
e. What is the available space to install solar panels and the inverter?

Both inverters are equipped with a battery bank and can power connected loads in case of a power cut. However, Hybrid inverters can sell electricity to national grid whereby Off-Grid inverters do not have this feature inbuilt.

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To design a suitable solar solution, you need the following information:

a. Is the solution On-Grid or Off-Grid?
b. What is the total load to be powered?
c. What is the required back up time and capacity?
d. What is the available space for solar panels, battery and inverter installation?
e. Are there any legal requirements?

The required number of solar panels depends on several parameters such as the pump motor capacity, borehole depth, required amount of water, etc. However, please refer to our solar irrigation catalogue for our general recommendations.

All our Off-Grid, Hybrid, On-Grid and Irrigation inverters can optionally be equipped with Wi-Fi, Lan or 4G/GPRS online monitoring accessories. Please contact us or your closest TommaTech® agent for more information.

To ensure a secure installation of our solar panels, we provide reliable support structure available for different roof types or the ground.