2HP-1.5KW 1 ~ 220V Pump Solar Irrigation Solution

TommaTech® Solar Irrigation Solutions provide water wherever it is required and independent from natural water sources such as rivers or lakes.

Providing the water necessary for agricultural irrigation and watering of livestock in areas far from settlements has always been a tiring and expensive task. TommaTech® developed solar irrigation solutions to reduce costs and efforts to distribute water even in places without access to the grid making them the optimal solution for a sustainable water supply.

Not available for the European Market

2HP-1.5KW 1 ~ 220V Pump Solar Irrigation Solution

Paket İçeriği:
Ürün Kodu
Ürün Adı
TT455-144HCMBPM TommaTech 455Wp 144PM Half-Cut Multi-Busbar Solar Panel 6
SPI-TT-02-2.2-MF TT-2.2 kW, 1 Phase/220 Irrigation Pump Inverter 1
GSK-TT-01-0.75-5.5-2D 0.75-5.5kW IP67 Galvanized Cabinet 1
AY-GA-DZ-06P-2X3 6 Panels 2x3 Ground Mount Support Structure 1
KBL-06-6MM2-K-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable PVI1-F Red (meter) 20
KBL-07-6MM2-S-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable PVI1-F Black (meter) 20
KNN-SMC4-SET SMC4 Male-Female Solar Connector Set 2
KBL-1X16-NYAF 1x16mm2 NYAF Grounding Cable (meter) 5
SF-KZK-200-TPRKLM 200cm Galvanized Grounding Rod 1
Hücre Sayısı

120 PM


144 PM

Güneş Paneli Gücü




Dizi Sayısı
Panel Sayısı

1 X 8 


1 X 6

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