5.6kW / 5.46kWp / 19.2kWh / 1~ MPPT Solar Off-Grid Solution

TommaTech® offers solutions according to your needs with its compact solar packages. Vineyard / Caravan solar packages allow you to meet your electricity needs regardless of the grid. A compact and aesthetic system is offered with TommaTech® Half-Cut Solar Panel, TommaTech® Inverter, Battery and Connection Equipment in the package. With the TommaTech® Vineyard / Caravan Package, you can now meet your electricity needs from solar energy. You can release less carbon with environmentally friendly, sustainable and clean solar energy.

Not available for the European Market

5.6kW / 5.46kWp / 19.2kWh / 1~ MPPT Solar Off-Grid Solution

Package Included:
Product Code
TT455-144HCMBPM TT455-144PM 9BB Half-Cut MonoPERC Solar Panel 12
OFG-TT-07-5.6KHV-48MF TT 5.6K 48V MPPT 5600W HV Off-Grid Inverter 1
OFG-TT-12-KART-WIFI TT Wi-Fi Card (For Online Monitoring) 1
AKU-JEL12-200AH-OUTDO 12V, 200Ah Solar Gel Batteries 8
SET-AYK-DZ-YTY-UCGNMNTJ Support Structure for 12 Solar Panels 1
KBL-06-6MM2-K-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable Red 22
KBL-07-6MM2-S-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable Black 10
KNN-SMC4-SET SMC4 Connectors 4
KNN-SMC4-Y-BRANCH-SET SMC4 Y-Branch Connectors 1
OFG-TT-11-KART-PARALEL Parallel Card for up to 9 Units (Optional)  
Solar Panels

380 Wp

455 Wp




Total PV Power

5.320 Wp

5.460 Wp

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