TommaTech 350We 1x230Wp Micro Inverter Package

Self-consumption packages designed with TommaTech Solar Panel and AEconversion Micro-Inverters have been created to easily use clean, free and endless solar energy in your daily life.

TommaTech Micro Inverter Package

The system, consisting of inverter, solar panel and connection cables, has a plug-and-play concept. The solar cable coming from the solar module(s) is attached to the inverter and the simple installation of the system is completed by plugging the cable coming from the inverter into the 220/230V network with the help of a socket. This system, which paves the way for the use of individual solar energy, can be used comfortably by positioning the solar panels in a suitable place in your home or office.

Average Energy Produced Daily (W/h)
Inverter Capacity (W)
Used Panel Area (m2)
Solar Module Used (Number)
TT230WP 72pm x 1

Product Description Quantity Unit
TommaTech 230Wp 72PM Half-Cut MB Solar Panel 1 Piece
AE INV350-60EU PLC Micro Inverter 1 Piece
SMC4-MC4 Female-Male Connection Connector Set 1 Piece
DC Black 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 3 Piece
DC Red 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 3 Piece
3x1.5mm2 NYY 1mt Power Cord (Compatible with Standard Plug) 1 Piece
AE 20A Female Connector AC Cable End 1 Piece
Balkon Tipi Altyapı Seti 1 Piece