TommaTech® 40A-150V 12/24/48 MPPT Charge Controller

  • Advanced MPPT technology
  • Wide MPPT operating voltage range
  • Multiple load operating modes
  • Comprehensive electronic protection
  • Compatible with lead acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Over temperature protection
  • Real-time energy statistics
  • Monitor and set the parameters via APP or PC software
  • IP32 Protection
  • Isolated with standard Modbus protocol RS485 communication port
  • Limit charging power & current over rated range

Not available for the European Market


TommaTech® MPPT Series is a series of MPPT charge controllers developed for on-grid photovoltaic systems with optional LCD display units (XDB1 / XDS1 / XDS2). TommaTech® MPPT Series Charge Controllers apply intelligent algorithm to maximize the amount of energy generated from PV arrays and at the same time minimize power loss in a wide operating range, and thus operate at high efficiency. TommaTech® Series Controller has the option of automatic power reduction at high temperature as well as limit protection function in charging current and charging power. In this way, the stability of the system is taken to the next level.

Model Type
TT 4415N
Rated System Voltage
12 / 24 / 36 / 48V Oto
Rated Charge Current
Rated Discharge Current
Battery Input Voltage Range
Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage
MPPT Voltage Range
(Akü Voltajı +2V)~108V
Maximum PV Input Power (W/V)
520W / 12V - 1040W / 24V - 1560W / 36V - 2080W / 48V
Balancing Charge Voltage
Kuru: 14.6V / Sulu:14.8V / Kullanıcı: 17 ~ 9V
Upgrade Charge Voltage
Jel:14.2V / Kuru:14.4V / Sulu:14.6V / Kullanıcı: 17~ 9V
Float Charge Voltage
Jel /Kuru /Sulu:13.8 V / Kullanıcı: 17 ~ 9V
Reconnect Voltage (Low Voltage)
Jel /Kuru /Sulu:12.6 V / Kullanıcı: 17 ~ 9V
Disconnect Voltage (Low Voltage)
Jel /Kuru /Sulu:11.1 V / Kullanıcı: 17 ~ 9V
Self consumption
≤35mA(12V) ≤16mA(36V)
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop
Temperature Coefficient
-3mV / oC / 2V (Varsayılan)
Ortak Negatif Topraklama
RS485 Interface
5VDC / 200mA (RJ45)
LCD Display Standby Time
60S (Varsayılan)
Operating Environment Temperature Range
-25 oC ~ +50 oC(LCD);-30 oC ~+50 oC (LCD Ekransız)
Recommended Cable Cross Section
6AWG (16mm2)
Connection Terminal
6AWG (16mm2)
Storage Temperature
-20 oC ~ +70 oC
Relative humidity
≤ %95 , Yoğuşmasız
255 x 189 x 83.2mm
Mounting Size
200 x 180mm
Mounting Hole Size
Protection Class
Technical Document