TommaTech 5kWe Tile Roof Three Phase Hybrid Solar Package

Tommatech Hybrid Solutions has been created with the concept of designing more sustainable and more stable energy systems by combining the latest technology TommaTech Multi Busbar Half-Cut Solar Panels with the new generation Tommatech Inverter and Lithium Battery systems. In this system, which is designed as three phases, it is possible to increase the lithium battery capacity up to 46.0 kWh according to the needs of the users.

TommaTech Hybrid Solar Packages

Tommatech Trio Hybrid Inverters with 2 MPPTs with grid and generator support are offered as a complete uninterruptible energy supply solution. Hybrid packages, which are optionally offered with detailed energy performance monitoring via mobile application or web browser, take the application areas of the use of sustainable and clean renewable energy sources to the next level.

Max. DC Power(kW)
Application Area(m2)
Connection style
6 x 2
Max. Number of Connectable Panels
Number of Panels
DC Power(kWp)
AC Power(kWe)
Inverter Power(kWe)
Panel Power(kWp)

Product Description Quantity Unit
TommaTech 460Wp 144PM Half-Cut MB Solar Panel 11 Piece
TommaTech Trio Atom 5.0kW Three Phase Inverter 1 Piece
TommaTech Next Generation Mobile Wi-Fi Accessory 1 Piece
TommaTech Hightech Power 3kWh Lithium Battery 2 Piece
TommaTech Hightech Power Storage Management System 1 Piece
DC Black 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 25 Piece
DC Red 1 Meter (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 25 Piece
SMC4-MC4 Female-Male Connection Connector Set 2 Piece
5x6 mm2 NYY Cable 15 Metre
1x16 mm2 NYAF Grounding Cable 20 Metre
Solid Circular Aluminum Conductor Set 1 Piece
VerticalMount 220cm(40x40mm) Tile Roof Al. profile 12 Piece
H Type 40x40mm Profile Joining Apparatus 8 Piece
SE Galvanized Tile Roof Hook 24 Piece
Mid Clamp Omega 18 Piece
End Clamp 8 Piece
Screw Set Suitable for Infrastructure Fasteners 1 Piece
500mm x 700mm x 300mm(WxHxD) External Wall Mounted Enclosure (Including Cabling + Labor) 1 Piece
4x25A 300mA Type B K.A.K.R 1 Piece
3x10A 10kA C Automaton 2 Piece
3x12A Contactor (1NO) 1 Piece
3x100A Cartridge Fuse Holder 1 Piece
100A Cartridge Fuse 3 Piece
40 mm Emergency Stop Button 1 Piece
1*6 Ampere 6kA-C W.Automat 2 Piece
1+Type 2 B-C Class 100kA 3P+N Surge Arrester 1 Piece
Three Phase Meter 1 Piece
Timer 1 Piece
Phase Protection Relay 1 Piece
220 V AC Relay 1 Piece
Hot Dip Galvanized Kaclo Duct Set 1 Piece
Channel Joints, Bolt and Nut Set 1 Piece