TommaTech® MS-300 12V Modified Sine Inverter

  • Built-in USB output port.
  • Easy-to-use compact design with quality components.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Modified sine output wave type suitable for most electronic loads.
  • Low voltage alarm and shutdown.
  • Over voltage, overload and over temperature protection.
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Slow start feature.
  • Earthing protection.

Not available for the European Market

Technical Document

TommaTech® Modified Sine Inverter Series

TommaTech® Modified Sine Wave Inverter Series is a modified wave sine type inverter for DC/AC power conversion. It is compatible with your devices with a power rating of up to 2000W. It is perfect for users who need a simple and economical inverter with user-friendly installation. TommaTech® Modified Wave Sine Inverters convert 12/24 and 48V DC voltage to 220V AC voltage and offer it for use. The aluminum used in the body design provides durability and maximum heat dissipation.

Battery Charger Battery Charger
USB Charger USB Charger
Max. Heat Dissipation Max. Heat Dissipation
Direct DC Outlet Direct DC Outlet
Modified Sine Wave Modified Sine Wave

Technical Details

Model Type
Maximum Power
Selectable Voltage Range
9.5 ~ 16V
Frequency range
50 / 60Hz±3
Efficiency (Peak)
Modifiye Sinüs Dalgası
Depth x Width x Height
22 x 13.5 x 5.8cm
Relative humidity
% 20 ~ % 90 bağıl nem, yoğuşmasız
EN60950, EN61558-1-2 ile uyumluluk
Surge Power
EN61000-4-2, 3 ile uyumluluk
EMS Immunity
EN55022 chass B ile uyumluluk, 72 / 245 / CEE, 95 / 64 / CE
EMI Conduction & Radiation
I / P-O / P:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25 / 70% RH
Insulation Resistance
-20℃ ~ +50℃
Temperature Factor
10% ~ 90% RH Bağıl Nem (Yoğuşmasız)
Soft Start
Evet,3 ~ 5s
Reverse Load Protection
Sigorta Koruması
Short Circuit Protection
Kapatma, Yeniden Başlatma
Extreme Temperature Control
Çıkış Gücünü Kapatma, Otomatik yeniden başlatma
Çıkış Gücünü Kapatma, Otomatik yeniden başlatma
Reset Voltage after L.V.S
11.5 ~ 12V
DC Coupler
600mm DC çakmaklık kablo, Akü DC kablosu
Cooling fan
Öncelikle AC ile çalışma / sıcaklık kontrolü (isteğe bağlı)
LED Indicator
Yeşil Açık, Kırmızı kapalı veya arızalı
5V 2.1A (İsteğe Bağlı)
No Load Current Draw