7.5-11 kW Galvanized IP67 Ready Watering Box

  • Galvanized IP67 Protection Cabinet
  • ABS Plastic Case
  • Multi-Function Keypad
  • High Quality Components
  • Reliable Packaging
  • Connection equipment suitable for your needs

Galvanized IP67 Irrigation Panels

Protected by a galvanized IP67 cabinet, our solar irrigation inverters are the brain and the heart of our durable and reliable solar irrigation solutions. We customize the inverter according to your needs, install suitable breakers, program the inverters and wire everything so that you only have to connect the solar panels as well as the pump directly via SMC4 connectors, without the need of combiner boxes.

Case Type
Plastic crates
AC Input Voltage
380V (-15%) 440V (+10%)
Maximum DC Input Voltage
Start-Up Voltage
Lowest Working Voltage
Recommeded DC Input Voltage Range
Recommeded MPPT Voltage
Rated Power(kW)
7.5 - 11 kW
Rated Input Power(A)
25 - 32 A
Rated Output Current(A)
18.5 - 25 A
Compatible Motor(KW)
5.5 - 7.5 kW
Technical Document