8kW / 11.78kWp Solar On-Grid Plug & Play Solution

On-Grid inverters convert solar DC electricity to AC electricity and power your home from the Sun! At TommaTech® we offer single and three phase on-grid inverters ranging from 0.6kW to 15kW, designed with German precision and manufactured according to the latest standards.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Installation
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Wide Product Range
  • High PV Input Voltage
  • 150% DC to AC Power

8kW / 11.78kWp Solar On-Grid Plug & Play Solution

Package Included:
Product Code
TT380-120HCMBPM TT380 9BB Half-Cut MonoPERC Solar Panel 31
ONG-TT-18-A-8.0-T-TF TommaTech Trio Atom 8.0kW Three Phase On-Grid Inverter 1
ONG-TT-32-WIFI-MBL-NG TommaTech Next Generation Mobile Wi-Fi 1
ONG-TT-35-MTR-SMRT-TF TommaTech Trio - Smart Meter 1
TRSP-TT-INT-31 Tile Roof Mount Support Structure for 31 Solar Panels 1
KBL-06-6MM2-K-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable PVI1-F Red 75
KBL-07-6MM2-S-SPVI-F 6mm² Solar Cable PVI1-F Black 50
KNN-SMC4-SET SMC4-MC4 Male-Female Solar Connector Pairs 4
İsteğe bağlı olarak TommaTech Trio Plus 8kW invertörlü 3 DC Girişi ile mevcuttur
Solar Panels

380 Wp

455 Wp




Total PV Power



IP65 Rated IP65 Rated
Wide Voltage Range Wide Voltage Range
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring
High Efficiency High Efficiency
3 Phase AC Output 3 Phase AC Output