TommaTech 1 Car Solar Car Parking Package 570Wp TommaTech Solar Powered Car Parks "Solar Carport", designed to increase the use and application areas of clean and endless solar energy, offers smart solutions to users. Thanks to the designed solar car park solar system, the electricity / charging needs of electric vehicles or other devices can be provided from clean and sustainable solar energy. In this system, which is created by combining TommaTech solar panels and infrastructure systems, options with different power capacity and internal usage area are offered according to the needs. In addition, solar systems with both grid-connected and storage options can be designed by choosing TommaTech On-Grid or Hybrid inverters with these packages. *Battery is offered as optional.

Product code Explanation  Amount   Unit
 Trio-EVC-22.0   Tommatech 22kW Trio EV Vehicle Charger 1 Piece
 TT425-108TNBCK10  TommaTech 570Wp Waterproof Topcon Solar Panel 8 Piece
 Trio-Hy-K-5.0 Tommatech 5kW Trio Hybrid K Three Phase Inverter 1 Piece
 Trio-Smart-Meter Tommatech Three Phase Smart Meter Accessory 1 Piece
 Wi-Fi-Plus-Dongle Tommatech Next Generation Wi-Fi Dongle Accessory 1 Piece
 Solar-P   DC Red-Black Solar Cable 25 Metre