TommaTech 13kW Heat Pump(MonoFaze)

  • Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Wider Operating Range
  • Full DC Inverter Technology
  • Smart Water Temperature Adjustment
  • High Efficiency
  • WI-FI Intelligent Control 
  • Touch Screen
  • Low Sound Level

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
Compared to refrigerants such as R-410A and R407C, which are widely used today, R32 and R290 have much lower global warming
potential, which helps to accelerate the popularity of GAS in the heat pump industry.

Wider Operating Range
Thanks to its inverter and EVI technology, the TommaTech Series Heat Pump offers a wide range of operating temperatures to provide space heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
range. It can reach high water temperature in a cold climate and can operate stably at ambient temperatures as low as -25°C.

Full DC Inverter Technology
The TommaTech Series heat pump combines a full DC inverter twin-rotary compressor with an inverter brushless motor, so the unit provides users with the lowest costs.
automatically adjusts the target temperature to ensure maximum comfort.

Smart Water Temperature Adjustment
The unique control logic enables the TommaTech Series to intelligently adjust the outlet water temperature according to the real-time ambient temperature. 
Therefore, the heat pump provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water at a constant temperature.

High Efficiency
With a maximum COP of 6.15 and an ErP rating of A++++, the TommaTech Series EVI DC inverter heat pump operates more efficiently. It consumes less energy and therefore reduces the electricity bills spent on heating/cooling/hot water for homes.

WI-FI Smart Control
With the Wi-Fi function, users can remotely intervene in the heat pump anywhere and anytime.

Touch Screen
4 inch colour LCD display can be wall mounted. 0.5°C precise temperature control, water temperature curve display, easy timing, one button mute,
It is very user friendly with its features such as faster heating with a single button.

EVI Technology
EVI stands for "Enhanced Vapour Injection" and is a technology used to achieve higher performance at temperatures as low as -25°C. 
With EVI technology and inverter compressor, the TommaTech Series operates stably and maintains high efficiency.

Safety Guarantee 
R32 or R290 refrigerant gas is considered environmentally friendly

Smart Grid
It can work integrated with PV panel (GES).

All Needs in a Single Device
With the above features, TommaTech Series Heat Pumps are used for heating/cooling/hot water needs.

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