TommaTech 25HP-18.5KW 3 PHASE/400V Irrigation Package For Pump

This system, which is very practical to install, transmits the energy obtained from the solar panels at the points where there is no electricity and grid connection, with DC current output, to the Solar Pump Inverter inside the irrigation panel, the inverter provides two basic operations. (DC) to alternating current (AC) and provides the operation of irrigation pumps with the converted current.

*The products in this package are calculated based on the minimum amount to energize the system and are for reference. Separate calculation should be made for each pump.

25HP-18.5KW  3 PHASE/400V Irrigation Package For Pump

Product Description Amount  Unit
TommaTech 550Wp M12 108PM Half-Cut MB Solar Panel  51 Quantity
TommaTech 22kW 3 Phase/400V Solar Pump Inverter 1 Quantity
22kW for inverter IP67 Galvanised Irrigation Panel 1 Quantity
Flat Floor 60(2x30) Panelled Galvanised (Zinc) Infrastructure  1 Quantity
DC Red 1 Metre (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 80 Quantity
DC Black 1 Metre (6.0mm - Cross Section) Solar Cable 80 Quantity
SMC4-MC4 Female-to-Male Connector Set 6 Quantity
NYAF 1 metres (16mm - Section) Earthing Cable 5 Quantity
200 cm Galvanised Earthing Pile 1 Quantity
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