TommaTech Rack Series 51.2V 102AH G2 LFP Lithium Battery

High Performance
Superior performance with next generation LiFePO4 battery technology

Active Smart Management System
Effective usage structure with active balancing BMS technology

Long Service Life
Long lifetime up to 8000 cycles

Innovative Design and Heat Resistant Construction
Aesthetic, compact and durable metal case design

Increasable Capacity
Up to 16 parallel battery connections

CAN / RS485 / Bluetooth (valid for 25.6V batteries)

IP20-IP65 Protection Class
IP20-IP65 compatible metal case and terminal components

Sustainable Energy
An environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source thanks to its ability to be charged from solar panels

5 Year Product Warranty

TommaTech Rack Series 51.2V 102AH G2 LFP Lithium Battery

TommaTech new generation low voltage lithium batteries unique solutions for energy storage offers. A long lifetime of up to 8000 cycles, high energy density, superior
TommaTech Lithium Batteries with quality and performance stand out with their functional and environmentally friendly structure.
TommaTech Lithium Batteries are uniquely designed on heat-resistant and high performance LiFeP04 battery architecture. 
At the same time, lithium batteries equipped with temperature sensors are presented to users with a durable metal case. 
BMS (Battery Management System) with balancing feature is used in TommaTech Lithium Batteries designed with the concept of safety and quality. 
Al-Cu alloy conductive busbars are preferred for the batteries, up to 16 parallel connections without loss of performance.
allows for energy storage. In this way, energy storage capacity of up to 80kWh can be achieved in a single system.

Technical Document