Parallel Connection Set Between Panels

  • Electrolytic tinned, fine stranded and twisted conductor, conforming to IEC 60228.
  • Double insulated.
  • Cross-linked special insulation material.
  • Cross-linked special sheath material.
  • Does not contain halogen.
  • Wear and cut resistant.
  • Flame retardant and fire resistant.

Not available for the European Market

Technical Document

Parallel Connection Set Between Panels

Product Code Product Name QTY
KBL-06-6MM2-K-SPVI-F TommaTech 6.0 mm2 Solar Cable PVI1-F Red 1.5 meters
KBL-07-6MM2-S-SPVI-F TommaTech 6.0 mm2 Solar Kablo PVI1-F Black 1.5 meters
KNN-SMC4-SET SMC4-MC4 Female-Male Connector Set 2 pieces

Technical Details

SMC Konnektör

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