TommaTech Walkway Solar LED Lighting 4M 20W

  • High performance
  • Safe Structure
  • Microwave Sensor
  • Intelligent Power Management System
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • LFP Battery Technology
  • Autonomy Time 1-2 Days

TommaTech Walkway Solar LED Lighting 4M 20W

TommaTech Solar LED Walkway Lighting Series is perfectly designed by combining new generation high efficiency solar panel technology with lithium battery energy storage systems. Solar LEDs with smart power mode provide long-term and active lighting with the microwave sensor in its structure. Solar LEDs, which can be used in parks, gardens, residential and workplace lighting, offer an aesthetic appearance as well as eliminating the invoice problem. TommaTech Walkway Solar LEDs, which stand out with their functionality, are presented to users with the concept of green energy.

High Performance
High Efficiency LED Module

Safe Building
Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Over Power and Polarity Protection

Microwave Sensor
Automatic DIM with microwave sensor

Intelligent Power Management System
Ability to extend the autonomy period up to 4-6 days

IP65 Protection Class
IP65 compliant system components

LFP Battery Technology
Superior performance with new generation Lithium battery technology

*There are 2 options as minumum 1 Day and minumum 2 days For Daily Working Time (Autonomy Time).

*5 Year Product Warranty

Technical Document