TommaTech 110Wp Flexible Dark Series Solar Panel

Prism Surface

Maximum light absorption thanks to the prism surface

Excellent Light Transmittance with ETFE

Higher light transmittance, corrosion resistance, operating temperature range

IBC Cell Technology

Flexible and durable cell architecture with highly efficient rear contact connection

Flexible Design

Flexibility up to 30 degrees max.

Ultra Light

3mm thick ultra-thin and durable design

IP68 Protection Class

Water resistance with IP68 junction box

2 Years Product Warranty

TommaTech 110Wp Flexible Dark Series Solar Panels

TommaTech New Generation Flexible Panel, which contains high light transmittance ETFE polymer, durable fiberglass and high efficiency IBC solar cell, is produced in international quality standards with 7-layer advanced lamination technology. The combination of ETFE and fiberglass sheet makes the panel much more durable. With a maximum stretch of 30 degrees and being light, it adapts perfectly to any surface. The TommaTech Flexible Panel Series, offered in 110Wp and 170Wp power options, has the advantage of being used in many application areas such as boats, caravans, roofs and so on. In the series with white and black color options, there is a production option in different power and size options according to your needs.

IBC Solar cells, which are preferred in flexible panels, are a type of cell built on a copper base. When TommaTech Flexible Panels are bent or left in a humid environment, they are more resistant to power losses due to breakage and corrosion than traditional solar panels. Thanks to the bypass diodes and efficient cell architecture in low radiation and shadow situations, TommaTech Flexible Panels are one of the most important energy solutions for users.

Technical Document
IP68 Protection Class IP68 Protection Class
Ultra Lightweight Ultra Lightweight
Flexible Design Flexible Design
IBC Cell Technology IBC Cell Technology
Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE
Prism Surface Prism Surface