TommaTech® 110Wp Flexible Solar Panel

  • Prism Surface
  • Durable Cells
  • Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE
  • IBC Cell Technology
  • Flexible Design Flexibility up to 30 degrees max
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Easy Transportation, Easy Installation
  • IP68 Protection
  • 2 Years Product Warranty


TommaTech®'s next generation flexible solar panels are designed with highly efficient, back contact solar cells. Hence, the flexible panel series stands out in its product class with high power capacity on a small area as well as a high charging capacity. Manufactured using premium lightweight polymer materials, TommaTech’s flexible panels offer easy handling, fast installation and up to 30° degrees of panel flexibility. Stainless steel washers on the panels result in flexibility and convenience in terms of installation. Thus, it becomes possible to use the product in a very wide range. Currently available in 110 Wp and 170 Wp models, the TommaTech® flexible panel series can also be designed in different power options according to your needs. The integrated IBC Back-Contact Solar Cells are the only cells which are grown on a solid copper foundation. Flexible panels made with those solar cells are resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion, unlike conventional cells, which are much more likely to lose power when bent or subjected to a moist environment. Consequently, TommaTech flexible panels are the #1 choice for customers due of the combination of quality, high power and cell ruggedness.


TommaTech®'s new generation flexible panel model is produced with quality ETFE polymer and high efficiency back contact cells. In this way, TommaTech® flexible panels are ultralight, thin and above all flexible compared to standard solar panels. With up to 30 degrees of stretch and light weight, it adapts perfectly to any surface. Available in 110Wp and 170Wp options, TommaTech® flexible panel series has an extremely wide range of applications by being used on boats, caravans and roofs. 2 Years Product Warranty.

Prism Surface Maximum light absorption through prism surface

Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE Higher light transmittance, corrosion resistance, operating temperature range

IBC Cell Technology Flexible, durable and high efficient cell with back contact connection

Flexible Design Flexibility up to 30 degrees max

Ultra Lightweight 2mm thick ultrathin and durable design

IP68 Protection Class Provides water resistance with IP68 Junction Box

Model Type
TT-Flex-110 110WP
Maximum Power (Pmax)
110 WP
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)
Maximum Power Current (Imp)
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
Power Tolerance
0 ~+5 W
Maximum System Voltage
Max. Series Fuse Rating
Number of Cells (pcs)
4 x 8
Panel Dimensions (mm)
560 x 1170mm
Junction Box Protection Class
IP67 / IP68
Temperature Coefficient (Isc)
3.5MA / ° C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc)
-55,8MV / ° C
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)
-0.30% / ° C
Technical Document
IP68 Protection Class IP68 Protection Class
Ultra Lightweight Ultra Lightweight
Flexible Design Flexible Design
IBC Cell Technology IBC Cell Technology
Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE
Prism Surface Prism Surface