TommaTech® Easy Life 25Wp Folding Solar Panel

Prism Surface

Maximum light absorption thanks to prism surface

Excellent Light Transmittance with ETFE

Higher light transmittance, corrosion resistance, operating temperature range

IBC Cell Technology

Flexible and robust cell architecture with highly efficient rear contact connection

Ultra Light

Compact design with easily transportable size and weight

Fast Charging Technology

Supports up to 3 amps fast charging with QC 3.0 technology

TommaTech Easy Life series Foldable Solar Charging Panel provides power to portable chargers (powerbank), smartphones, tablets or other USB devices directly from the sun, creating a wide range of energy solutions.Multiple Device Charging Support, Openable Zipped Pocket, IPX4 Protection, Hanger Bracket and Hook are included in the features of the product. By connecting your phone's charging cable to the USB output in the pocket of the TommaTech Foldable Charging Panel, you can easily and quickly start charging from clean and renewable solar energy.

Technical Document
Quick Charge Technology Quick Charge Technology
Ultra Lightweight Ultra Lightweight
IBC Cell Technology IBC Cell Technology
Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE Excellent Light Transmit with ETFE
Prism Surface Prism Surface