TommaTech® Trio Plus 12.0kW Three Phase String Inverter

  • High Efficiency
  • Wide Product Range
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IP65 Rated
  • High PV Voltage


Simple. Reliable. Efficient.

TommaTech® Trio-Plus range of Dual MPPT string inverters with a maximum efficiency of 98.3% are unrivalled in the industry for their Software and Hardware protection, boasting two MPPTs with a wide PV input voltage up to 1000V, to allow for more solar energy  harvesting. Additionally, the three phase inverters are IP65 rated thus allowing for outside installation.

Technical Document
High PV Voltage High PV Voltage
IP65 Rated IP65 Rated
Wide Voltage Range Wide Voltage Range
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring
High Efficiency High Efficiency