TommaTech® Uno Atom 3.6kW Single Phase String Inverter

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Start-up Voltage
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Small & Lightweight
  • IP65 Rated


Small Inverter, Big Performance

TommaTech® Uno-Atom string inverters are engineered to be installed in the smallest of spaces without lacking performance. With a maximum efficiency of 98.0% and a market leading low start-up voltage of 50V, Uno–Atom inverters ensure an outstanding performance, allowing you to harvest the maximum amount of energy possible from your PV solution, whether is installed inside or outside.

Technical Document
IP65 Rated IP65 Rated
Low Start-Up Voltage Low Start-Up Voltage
Small & Lightweight Small & Lightweight
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring
High Efficiency High Efficiency