TommaTech® Plus 11K 48V HV MPPT 11.000W P Smart Inverter

  • Customizable status LED bar with RGB lights
  • Built-in wifi for mobile monitoring (Android/IOS Apps are available)
  • Supports USB On-the-Go function
  • Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS or RS232)
  • Replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance
  • Battery independent design
  • Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization
  • Selectable high power charging current
  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
  • Compatible to Utility Mains or generator input
  • Built-in anti-dust kit

Not available for the European Market

Technical Document

TommaTech® M Plus MPPT Serisi

Maximize your solar energy though TommaTech® 48V, 3.6kW, 7.2kW and 11kW Dual MPPT off-grid inverters. The high PV capacity and string DC input voltage as well as a smooth charging algorithm and the additional 12V DC output render TommaTech® M Plus single-phase inverters the preferred choice for solid off-grid solar solutions in any country. Additionally, it can be monitored through a color LCD.

Technical Details

Model Type
TommaTech 11kW Plus
Maximum Power
11000 / 11000
Parallel Array Capacity
6 Ünite
Selectable Voltage Range
170-280 (Kişisel Bilgisayarlar İçin)/ 90-280 (Ev Aletleri İçin)
Frequency range
50/60 (Otomatik Algılama)
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode)
230 ± 5%
Efficiency (Peak)
Battery Voltage
Overcharge Protection
Solar Charger Type
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage
Max. PV Array Power
MPPT Operating Voltage Range
90 ~ 450
Max. Solar Charge Current
Max. AC Charge Current
Max. Charging Current
Output AC Waveform
Tam Sinüs Dalgası
Depth x Width x Height
432.5 x 147.4 x 553.6
Net weight
Communication Interface
USB / RS232 / RS485 / Wi-Fi / Kuru Kontak
Relative humidity
%5 ~ %95 RH (Yoğuşmasız)
Operating temperature
-10 ~ 50
Storage Temperature
-15 ~ 60
Surge Power
Transfer Time
10 (Kişisel Bilgisayarlar İçin), 20 (Ev Aletleri İçin)
Floating Charge Voltage

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