TommaTech New Pro Series 1.2-5.0kW Off-Grid Inverters


Full Sine Wave Type Inverter
 Dedicated Communication Port for BMS
 Wide DC Solar Input Range
 Battery Independent Design
 High Charging Current Support
 Optimising Battery Performance and Usage
 Battery Synchronisation Function to Extend Life
Dust Prevention Kit

5.0 kW   3.0 kW   2.5 kW   1.2 kW  
TommaTech HV Plus Series 10.0-15.0kW Hybrid Inverters

Self consumption and feeding option
Programmable power supply priority
Battery charging modes for different battery types
Multi-process mode
Timer for Off/On-Grid Operations
Parallel function 6 pcs

Currently sold out in Europe!

15 kW   10 kW  
TommaTech Plus Series 5.6kW Hybrid Inverter

Touch button with 4.3" colour LCD
Self-consumption and feeding into the grid
Programmable supply priority for PV, battery or grid
User-adjustable charging current and voltage
Multiple operating modes programmable
Built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring
Reserved communication port for BMS

Currently out of stock in Europe!

5.6 kW  
TommaTech M Plus Series 3.6-11.0kW Off-Grid Inverters

Customizable status LED bar with RGB lights
Built-in wifi for mobile monitoring
Supports USB On-the-Go function
Reserved communication port for BMS
Replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance
Selectable high power charging current
Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
Built-in anti-dust kit

Currently out of stock in Europe!

11.0 kW   7.2 kW   3.6 kW  
TommaTech New Series 1.0-5.0kW Off-Grid Inverters

Generator Starting Function
PWM or MPPT Option
Selectable input voltage range
Fast set up
Compatible to di­erent AC sources
Overload and short circuit protection
Cold start function
Optional anti-dust kit

Currently out of stock in Europe!

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