TommaTech® Trio Atom 7.0kW Three Phase String Inverter

  • High Efficiency
  • Wide Product Range
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IP65 Rated
  • High PV Voltage


Small Inverter. Big Performance.

TommaTech®’s Trio–Atom inverters are perfectly designed for projects with solar panels on different sides of a roof, as they boast two MPPTs with a wide PV voltage ranging up to 1,000V to maximize solar energy harvesting. Additionally, the three phase inverters are IP65 rated and can optionally be monitored online with our mobile Wi-Fi accessory.

Technical Document
High PV Voltage High PV Voltage
IP65 Rated IP65 Rated
Wide Voltage Range Wide Voltage Range
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring
High Efficiency High Efficiency