TommaTech® 15kW Plus Mppt Smart Inverter

  • Self-consumption and feed-in option
  • Programmable power source priority
  • Battery charging modes for different battery types
  • Multiple operations mode
  • Timer for off/on grid operations
  • Parallel function 6 units

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TommaTech® Plus Mppt Three Phase

Designed for any loads in areas with no or unstable power supply, TommaTech® 10kW & 15kW Dual MPPT hybrid inverters comprise high PV capacities, sparing battery charging and discharging, several integrated protection devices and diffeerent communication options such as Lan, Wi-Fi or GPRS, making them our customer’s first choice for remote and rural solar solutions.

Model Type
3 phase input / 3 phase output
Max Pv Input Power
Rated Output Power
Maximum Charging Power
AC Starting Voltage
120-140V per phase / Phase 180V
Acceptable Voltage Range
170-280V per phase
Maximum Ac Input Current
Maximum DC Voltage
MPPT Input Voltage
350V ~ 850V
Number of MPPTs / Maximum Input Current
2 / A: 37.65a; B: 18.6a
Rated Output Voltage
230V (P-N) / 400V (P-P)
Output AC Waveform
Pure sinus wave
Efficiency (DC to AC)
Rated DC Voltage/Maximum DC Voltage
720V / 900V
Starting Voltage / Starting Supply Voltage
320V/ 350V
MPPT Voltage Range
350V ~ 850V
Output Voltage Range
2 / A: 37.65a; B: 18.6a
Rated DC Voltage
Maximum Charge Current
Default 60A, 5A - 300A (adjustable)
Depth x Width x Height
219 x 650 x 820mm
Net weight
Communication Interface
RS-232 / USB / DRY contact
Relative humidity
0 ~ 90% Rh (non -condensation)
Operating temperature
-10 to 55 ° C
Technical Document