TommaTech Next Generation Mobile Lan Accessories

  • Quick installation with "Plug and Play" function
  •  Water and dust proof IP65 Certified Design
  •  Reliable Data Transmission
  •  Eco-friendly modern design
  • Simple. Reliable. Efficient.

TommaTech Next Generation Mobile Lan Accessories

Monitoring from Every Point of the World

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can control the TommaTech system remotely. With this system, you can view your current production, see how much you have saved and even analyse how many trees you have saved

Battery Management

Use TommaTech Cloud to check the status of your battery. View live data and check historical performance data using reporting tools.

Web or Mobile

Easy Access via App TommaTech Cloud is available via mobile app or web browser. The TommaTech Cloud App is available on iOS and Android Market.

Your Reports in Your Email

TommaTech Portal will send you detailed reports about your system status to your e-mail and Smart Cloud will detect any malfunction in the system and send a detailed report to the specified e-mail.

Technical Document