TommaTech® Next Generation 4G+Wi-Fi Dongle Accessory

  • Quick installation with "Plug and Play" function
  •  Water and dust proof IP65 Certified Design
  •  Reliable Data Transmission
  •  Offline data storage and maintenance
  •  10 seconds of live data monitoring
  •  Modbus TCP support

Uno - Trio Inverter Accessories

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

Monitoring from Every Point of the World
Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can control the TommaTech® system remotely. With this system, you can view your current production, see how much you have saved and even analyse how many trees you have saved.

Battery Management
Use TommaTech® Cloud to check the status of your battery. View live data and check historical performance data using reporting tools.

Easy Access from the Web or Mobile App
TommaTech® Cloud is available via mobile app or web browser. The TommaTech® Cloud App is available on iOS and Android Market..

Your reports in your e-mail
TommaTech® Portal will send you detailed reports on your system status to your e-mail and the Smart cloud will detect any malfunction in the system and send a detailed report to the specified e-mail

Technical Document