Trio Inverter Accesories (TommaTech NG Compatible)

TommaTech® Trio - Smart Meters manage your energy together with Trio - Inverter series. Applicable for solutions up to 80A, Trio - Smart Meters measure and monitor the import, export as well as total power and energy. 


Uno - Trio Inverter Accesories

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

Monitor Over The World
Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a wifi connection you can check up on your TommaTech-System. View its current production, money saved and even trees planted!

Battery Management
Use the TommaTech-Portal to check the status of your battery. View live data and check the historical performance using a range of reporting tools.

Accessible Via App Or Web
The TommaTech-Portal is available via app or web browser, whichever you prefer. Our app can also be found in either the iOS or the Android store.

Email Reporting
The TommaTech-Portal will send you detailed email reports regarding your systems status, the intelligent portal will pick up on any fault and ping an in-depth report to the specified email address.


Voltage Range
0.9un- 1.1un; EXTENDED Operating Voltage Range: 0.7un-1.2un
Operating Temperature (oC)
-25 ° C- +55 ° C; Limited Operating Temperative Range: -40 ° C- + 70 ° C
Reference Voltage
3x220V / 380V, 3x57.7 / 100v, 3x380V, 3x100v
Current Specifications
From CT: AC3 x 1.6 (6) A Direct Input: AC3 X 5 (80) A
Display Method
Segment LCD
Data Measurement Accuracy
Active: Class 1, Reactive: Class 2.
Power Consumption
Voltage Cycle: SLW / SVA (in Each Phase); Current Loop: S2VA (in Each Phase)
Technical Document
Instant Messages Instant Messages
Uninterrupted Power Supply Uninterrupted Power Supply
3 Monitoring Options 3 Monitoring Options
Energy Saving Solutions Energy Saving Solutions
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring